If you are an experienced outdoors man, then you know how fun it is to play outdoor games with the whole family. Here are some games that are perfect for having fun outdoors with your family and friends. 

1. 500

A classic spin on traditional catch that works best with three people or more. One designated thrower stands an agreed-upon distance away from the rest of the players, all of whom are catchers. The thrower tosses the ball high in the air and shouts out a number between 25 and 500. Whoever catches the ball without dropping it gets the amount of points; if they drop it, they lose that amount of points. The game lasts until someone achieves 500 or more points. (Kids having trouble catching those high tosses? 

(This is how to teach a kid to field a fly ball, in six steps)


2. Pop the balloon!

The easiest and most interactive game of the moment is Pop the balloon.

You basically jump on a long jump mat, jump into a large pillow, and pop the balloon.

Get some friends together and get to jumping!

You are too short to make the basket. Get creative.

Want to keep the fun?

Stick the fork in your eye!

Yes, you read that right. A fork stuck in your eye.

You will need a pocket knife, the ugliest T-shirt you can find, and of course, enough friends.

Do you really think you can do it? Yes.


3. Boat race

This is an old classic, but the kids love it.

Line up about 5 kids in a boat, tie them together, and row the boat together.

If you have a long wooden pole, that works really well.

I can’t really describe it, but it’s very exciting for kids, and it’s really entertaining.


4. Wagon Race

A wagon race is a traditional game that you can play with your friends.

You will need one wagon and your best friends.

You need to push the wagon on a wooden pole and race it.

If you don’t win, you have to return the wagon to the starting point.

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5. Fishing

Fishing is a great game. You need a fishing rod and an empty bucket with a lid.

You need to sit on the boat, put on your life jacket, and go fishing.

You are allowed to catch as much fish as you can.

Fishing is great fun. Give it a try.


6. Fly a kite

This one is really fun, and it will blow everyone’s mind.

You need to sit on a boat, tie the kite string around the line of the boat, and play with the kite.

Catch your kite and beat your friends.


6. Green Egg


Put two eggs on a tray, fill one with green food coloring, and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds.

The one with the colored eggs is the “green” egg.

Take it out and turn it into a flat egg.

Pink Easter Egg

You need to color eggs using the pink color crayon.

After you are done, put the eggs in a glass, put the top on the glass, and the other person has to fill it with water.

The other player should not be able to see the egg, but the one who is filling it should.


7. Sheep Dip

Have you ever seen a game like this before? Basically, you need to pass the sponge from one person to the other without letting the sponge touch the ground.

Yes, you read that right.

No hands allowed.

Take it easy. It’s for the kids.

The child with the sponge that touches the ground loses.

For younger children, you can substitute the sponge with a cup.


8. Pick up sticks

All the kids in your neighborhood should come to your house this weekend, and pick up some sticks.

Put them in a bucket with some dirt and water.

Have you ever done this before? This is a great game for kids.

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9. Puddle Jumping

Want a wonderful activity?

If you have a swimming pool, you can jump into the swimming pool and have a competition between a couple of friends.

Put up a fence on both sides of the pool, and pick up some balls.

If you don’t know how to swim, you can bring some friends that know how to swim.

Put the balls in the pool, and dive in and get one ball.

If you are doing this at night, the balls will glow in the dark.

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10. Sloppy Joe's

Want to introduce your kids to different foods?

What about a fun food game?

The rules are simple.

You have to spread out some mustard, sauce, and BBQ sauce on a plate.

Get two slices of bread.

One slice goes on the mustard, sauce, and BBQ sauce, and the other goes on the bread.

Place the plate on the table.

Play a game where the pieces can be eaten.

I suggest that you play the game until one of you eats all the pieces.

This game is sure to get you and your family in the game spirit.

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11. Balls Rolling

Here is a great game for kids.

Lay two bowling balls on the ground.

Get a bucket, and put sand around the bowls.

Have you ever played this game before?

The game is simple.

Have someone roll the ball, and get another person to roll the ball.

The person who gets it back must put sand on the balls. If one of you gets it back, you win. If someone else gets it, you have to put the sand on it. Take it easy. It’s for the kids.