In this fast-changing world educational trends change rapidly. eLearning or digital learning has become a major part of the learning and development strategy. Therefore, kid’s educational apps hold greater importance in accessing eLearning sources. Multiple platforms are available claiming free educational apps for kids. As a parent or guardian, everyone wants the best for their kid.

List of 12 Top Free Educational Apps for Kids

The list has been compiled with information about free educational apps available across different platforms. In addition, collect details like app features, suitable age groups, platforms, etc. Here is the breakdown of the top free educational apps for kids.

1. ABCmouse: A Wonderland of Learning

ABCmouse | free educational apps for kids

ABCmouse is another interactive early-learning app. The application covers subjects like math, science, and arts. ABCmouse is integrated with activities keeping kids engaged. The application has over 9,000 activities and lessons. Fun animations and games keep kids engaged in learning. Furthermore, the app has progress-tracking features for parents. The educational application is ideal for kids 2-8 years of age.

2. Khan Academy Kids: Where Every Child Can Learn

Khan Academy Kids | Educational Apps for Kids

Next, on the list of free educational apps for students, comes Khan Academy Kids. The learning app covers math, reading, and socio-economic skills. The application promotes love for learning among younger kids. Khan Academy Kids offers offline access to content. Furthermore, contains engaging characters and stories. The app has a progress-tracking solution for parents. Khan Academy Kids app is developed for kids aged 2-7. The application can be accessed on iOS, Android, and the web.

3. StoryJumper: Creative Writing Skills

StoryJumper | Educational apps for kids

StoryJumper is regarded to promote creativity and imagination, besides enhancing writing skills. The learning application helps in writing and creating digital books. kids can see their stories come to life. Therefore, boosting confidence and creativity. The application is integrated with storytelling sessions and enhances literacy skills. Being a parent spending time on StoryJumper with kids strengthens bonds. Additionally, StoryJumper inculcates a passion for writing.

4. NASA: Sparking Curiosity About the Cosmos

NASA app for kids

Explore space with the NASA app for kids. The application boosts knowledge about space science and the universe. The learning app has lessons for planets, immersive 3D models of spacecraft, discovery, and science. The interactive learning pathways make your kids think like astronauts.

5. ScratchJr: Unleashing Creative Coding Skills

ScratchJr | Educational Apps for Kids

ScratchJr is designed to introduce kids to the world of coding and programming. The educational app boosts thinking and problem-solving skills. Integrated with conceptual projects to promote creativity. The learning app involves storytelling and animation projects. Besides, encourage creative thinking by using drag-and-drop coding blocks. ScratchJr provides ads-free access to content. ScratchJr application meets the needs of kids aged 5-7. Moreover, the application is easily available on different platforms like iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.

6. Epic! : A Digital Library at Your Fingertips

Epic! | educational apps for kids

Epic learning application carries books and activities to aid reading. The application focuses on the needs of kids 12 and under. Epic helps in developing a love for reading in younger kids. The application works like a library and carries a vast collection of books for kids of all age groups. Epic is an ideal source for parents and teachers to promote reading.

7. Prodigy: A Math Adventure for Every Grade

 Prodigy | edcational apps for kids

As the name suggests Prodigy Math Game is meant to impart math-related skills. The app is based on a role-playing game. The app involves rewards and characters for motivation. Loaded with battles and quests to engage kids. Prodigy Math Game helps to solve math challenges. The learning app is Ideal for grades 1-8 kids and is present on iOS, Android, and the web. The application makes learning math skills enjoyable.

8. Google Earth: Exploring the World Virtually

 Google Earth | educational apps for kids

Google Earth helps younger kids to tour the world virtually. The educational app aids in traveling to famous landmarks virtually, and exploring ecosystems. The learning application also provides knowledge about ancient civilizations. Google Earth also enlightens kids with information about geography, cultures, and the planet.

9. Duoling

 Duoling | educational apps for kids

Duolingo is one of the top 10 educational apps for elementary schoolers in 2024. The learning application imparts basic skills to kids in their native language. The app uses gaming lessons and colorful visuals to make kids understand the basics of reading and writing. Duolingo is designed for phonics-based learning. The app utilizes interactive activities and stories to engage kids in learning. Additionally, the app contains no ads and has a progress-tracking feature. Duolingo is ideally suited for the 3-7 age group.

10. PBS Kids Video: Educational Entertainment On-Demand

PBS Kids Video | educational apps for kids

The PBS Kids app brings the content of the famous PBS Kids channel to smartphones. The app has a library of videos containing characters like Arthur, Curious George, and Sesame Street friends. The PBS Kids app teaches science experiments and historic adventures. The application mixes education with entertainment to engage kids.

11. Todo Math: Comprehensive Math Learning

Todo Math: Comprehensive Math Learning

Todo Math promotes math learning and skills. The app is suitable for kids aged 3-8. Todo Math involves Fun math games to inculcate math-solving skills. Todo Math is easily turning math activities into fun learning.

12. Elevating Coding Skills for All Ages Elevating Coding Skills for All Ages is ideal for imparting coding skills and programming to kids. The application has integrated computer science and coding courses for all age groups. Coding courses are suitable for beginners. The app gives a child exposure to the world of coding.


To conclude the above-discussed learning applications are free to use and easily available. The kid’s educational apps are integrated with activities, games, and fun tasks to engage kids in learning. Furthermore, learning apps are essential to cater the educational needs of younger children.