Best Outdoor Games for Kids For those seasoned in outdoor adventures, you’re well aware of the joy in playing outdoor games alongside the entire family. Here, we’ve compiled a list of games ideal for enjoying outdoor fun with your loved ones and friends.

1. 500 | Outdoor Games for Kids

A fresh take on catch, ideal for three or more players.

One player, the thrower, positions themselves at a set distance while the others become catchers and thrower lobs the ball high and calls out a points value from 25 to 500.

Catching scores points, dropping deducts them.

Continue until a player reaches 500+ points. (Difficulty with high tosses?…)

(This is how to teach a kid to field a fly ball, in six steps)

2. Pop the balloon | Best outdoor games to play with friends

Currently, the simplest and most engaging game is Pop the Balloon. Here’s how: Jump on a long jump mat, leap onto a large pillow, and pop the balloon.

Gather friends and start jumping together! Feeling a bit short for basketball? Get imaginative.

Looking to sustain the fun? Try this: Stick a fork in your eye.

Surprised? Yes, you read that right—a fork in your eye.

You’ll need a pocket knife, the most unattractive T-shirt you can find, and, of course, a bunch of friends.

Doubting your ability? Think again

3. Boat race | Outdoor Games for Kids

This is an old classic, but the kids love it. Line up about 5 kids in a boat, tie them together, and row the boat together.

If you have a long wooden pole, that works really well.

I can’t really describe it, but it’s very exciting for kids, and it’s really entertaining.

4. Wagon Race | Outdoor Games for Kids

It is a traditional game that you can play with your friends and you will need one wagon and your best friends and need to push the wagon on a wooden pole and race it.

If you don’t win, you have to return the wagon to the starting point.

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5. Fishing | Best Outdoor Games for Kids

Fishing is a great game. You need a fishing rod and an empty bucket with a lid and sit on the boat, put on your life jacket, and go fishing. It is allowed to catch as much fish as you can.

Fishing is great fun. Give it a try.

6. Fly a kite | Outdoor Games for Kids

Truly a blast, this activity is bound to amaze everyone. Here’s how it’s done: Take a seat on a boat, secure the kite string around the boat’s line, and enjoy flying the kite.

Catch your kite and beat your friends.

7. Green Egg | Best outdoor games for kids

Put two eggs on a tray, fill one with green food coloring, and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds.

The one with the colored eggs is the “green” egg.

Take it out and turn it into a flat egg.

Pink Easter Egg

You need to color eggs using the pink color crayon.

After you are done, put the eggs in a glass, put the top on the glass, and the other person has to fill it with water.

The other player should not be able to see the egg, but the one who is filling it should.

8. Sheep Dip | Best outdoor games for kids

Ever come across a game like this? Essentially, the challenge is to pass a sponge from one person to another while avoiding any contact with the ground.

Yes, you’ve got it right.

Hands are off-limits.

Remember, it’s designed with kids in mind.

The participant whose sponge lands on the ground is out.

For younger kids, a cup can replace the sponge.

9. Pick up sticks | Best outdoor games for kids

All the kids in your neighborhood should come to your house this weekend, and pick up some sticks.

Put them in a bucket with some dirt and water.

Have you ever done this before? This is a great game for kids.

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9. Puddle Jumping | Best outdoor games for kids

Looking for a delightful activity?

If you have a swimming pool, consider this game: jump in with friends for a friendly competition.

Install fences on both sides, grab some balls.

If you’re not a swimmer, invite friends who are.

Toss the balls in, dive to retrieve one.

For nighttime fun, the balls glow in the dark.

Here’s an excellent article on puddle jumping.

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10. Sloppy Joe’s | Fun outdoor games for kids

Introducing an exciting game for  kids.

Arrange two bowling balls on the ground.

Set up a bucket and spread sand around the balls.

Familiar with this?

It’s simple. One person rolls the ball, then another.

The player who brings it back adds sand. If you recover it, you win. If not, add sand. Enjoy the fun!

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11. Balls Rolling | Fun outdoor games for kids

Introducing an exciting game for kids.

Begin by placing two bowling balls on the ground.

Next, position a bucket and scatter sand around the balls.

Are you familiar with this entertaining game?

It’s a simple concept. One person rolls the ball, and another follows suit.

As the game progresses, the player who retrieves the ball incorporates sand onto the balls. Winning entails successful recovery, while dropping the ball results in adding sand. Delight in this fun activity suitable for kids.

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