5 Minute Crafts is a good idea to keep your child engaged in healthy activities. Children getting addicted to smartphones or digital screens is a worrisome fact. Therefore, 5-minute crafts for home are a blessing to engage kids in creative and fun activities. However, you will find hundreds of ideas for Crafts and DIY. But in the article, you will read about the best 5 Minute Crafts for kids. 

List of Five Minute Crafts for Kids

Check out the below-mentioned 5-minute kids’ crafts. These crafts are designed to engage younger kids in creative activities, fun games, and skill enhancement.

– Art with Glitter Heart

The art with Glitter Heat is a simple painting activity for kids. To engage in this activity all you need is some paper sheets and a cup of colorful dry-erase paint. This is a fun craft and the best way to engage kids. Follow the instructions to enjoy this 5-minute craft for kids:

Step 1. Cut a paper sheet to make heart shapes.

Step 2. Now, glue or tape the hearts on every door in the house.

Step 3. You can choose your favorite color for the hearts.

Step 4. Paint the edges of every heat with your favorite color. Wait for a few minutes until the paint gets dry and then glue it to the doors. Wait for another 2-3 minutes for the glue to dry.

Step 5. However, if you don’t like heart shapes, choose stars, funny faces, eyeballs, and flowers.

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– Headphone Charms

In this art, a kid can learn to make a beautiful necklace out of a smartphone’s headphones. This art promotes creativity and engages in skill improvement. Furthermore, engaging in a craft with kids enhances bonding. Here is the procedure to do this 5-minute kids’ crafts

  • Cut a headphone into different shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares.
  •  Cut the cable end at an angle, making sure the connector is smooth and crisp.
  • Be sure you cut the other end of the cord at an angle to avoid overhanging when you hang the headphones.
  • Use colored headphones to create different designs, such as hearts, circles, triangles, etc.
  • At the lanyard end, thread the lanyard through the headphone cord.
  •  Now you can use the headphone craft by wrapping around the child’s wrist or grasping his/her hand.
  • You can also utilize cloth pegs to hand this art as wall hangings.

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– Bacon and Eggs

Baking and cooking are a fun loving and creative activity. Bacon and Eggs craft helps to spend your time with kids while making a breakfast of delectable bacon and eggs.

  1. First start with separating the uncooked yolk from the white. Then combine the yolks and put all the needed ingredients in a small pouch.
  2. Second, cut four slices of bacon into quarters and ensure they remain intact. Make two pieces and keep one for your child and one for the teacher. You can use a meat grinder for big chunks of bacon.
  3. Fill the rolled dough with the eggs, ensuring that you fill all the holes. The colors will grow more brilliant as you squeeze the dough. Use up to two eggs in this fun baking.
  4. Now slice the bacon into small pieces, once the dough acquires the desired thickness.
  5. Remember to place the bacon bits onto egg molds and hold them in place until the dough hardens.
  6. Make holes in the eggs at the top with a fork.
  7. Using a knife, carefully cut a hole on either side of the egg to allow it to pass through. To make the spring impression, add water slowly to the egg using an egg beater
  8. Proceed with spraying water onto the egg before placing it in the bag. Check the bacon whether they are still firm.
  9. Now, before putting the bag in the fridge, gently shake the bag to soften the bacon. Star painting stickers with your favourite colors.
  10. Wait for the stickers to dry, then split them open and stick them to a sign, a wall, or wherever you wish.

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–  Kids Bangle Bracelets

In case your kids don’t love stickers or glitters, this art is for you. You kids can make a beautiful bracelet out of genuine buttons. These bracelets would be a great present for the little girls. Check out how you can do this.

  1.  First of all, you need to measure the lengths of each. Begin the project by making a button bracelet for a little girl.  
  2. Now, take one little piece of cloth from an old t-shirt or scarf, and then cut five equal lengths of ribbon. Remember the measurement must be precise.
  3. Make a loop on the one end of one of the material pieces. Then proceed by making a small hole in the centre of the circular using the other piece.
  4. Keep twisting the material until you attach it. Attach the material to the button-hole and ribbon end.
  5. Finally, pull the ribbon back over the loop to finish the button and bracelet. Repeat the same procedure with each piece of material.

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– Poppy Crafts

Children love flowers, thus Poppy crafts fit perfectly in the list of five-minute crafts for kids. Poppy crafts are ideal for promoting creative aptitude among the kids. Poppy crafts are suitable for kids of all age groups. You can explore hundreds of craft ideas in the category of poppy crafts. In addition the poppy crafts promote motor abilities among younger kids. Moreover, engaging in poppy craft boosts easy learning and enjoyable project work. Older children can do poppy crafts as a part of a fun activity.

For a parent or teacher, the fact is joyous that the majority of these crafts are produced with supplies that are readily available at craft stores.

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Happy crafting!