A Quick list of kids’ movies to watch during summer vacation

The list is not exhaustive; instead, it is just a small number of kid’s movies to watch during this summer vacation. While most of the movie in this list is from Hollywood and children’s movies generally do not get attention as adult movies, some of the movies here do get a lot of praise from parents. When you have kids you certainly do not have much time to take your kids to the movies. Not every kid’s movie can have a 100 percent’ Parents Approved’ rating from the group of parents. However, some of the movies in this list do get those ratings.

Some of the movies in this list are already known while others are lesser-known. But all of them can be watched with children if you have kids.

Most of these movies can also be watched with adults but then it is always a good idea to watch these movies with children as well.

Favorite Kids’ Movies

  • Tinker Bell

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Tinker Bell, the first kid’s movie on this list is a popular animated movie, about a fairy who appears when the magic is lost in a fairy town and brings the magic back. The movie is in the shape of a musical and it is about the wish of every little fairy to just be a little more than what they are.

  • Robin Hood

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The Disney movie Robin Hood is about a royal knight who also leads the formation of a Robin Hood army to bring justice. The movie is about a young prince named Prince John who wants to seize power. In order to prevent him from seizing power, he disguises himself as a different person to defeat Prince John. The movie also has a fairytale twist to it.

  • Frozen

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The movie Frozen is a love story for every young girl in the world. The movie is based on Hans Christian Anderson’s story, The Snow Queen, which is also known as the Little Snow Queen. The movie is about a young girl called Anna who is born without any magic powers. As she grows up, her magic powers start to disappear. One day she gets caught up in an epic battle that takes place between the Frost King and a powerful ice witch. When the ice witch is about to kill Anna, she suddenly decides to save Anna by melting the icy barriers around her. The movie is about finding love and forgetting what makes you different.

  • Lilo & Stitch

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Lilo & Stitch is about a young girl called Lilo who was accidentally sent to the planet Earth by her father. Lilo likes to wear odd-coloured clothes. One day she accidentally turns into an alien due to a mistake from her friends. Lilo then tries to learn how to fly. In order to find out who her father is, she travels to a planet called Earth. There she discovers she has inherited some alien traits. The movie was made for kids as it is a fantastical fairy tale about aliens.

  • Finding Nemo