Nothing beats spending time with their parents in the comfort of their own home. There is something exciting and amusing for every child and every parent out there, whether they are watching a movie, cooking together, playing a board game, or simply chilling at the table. We've chosen five crafts that kids of all ages will enjoy.

- Art with Glitter Heart

Instead of messy crafts and dazzling glue that require a paintbrush, try this simple glitter painting activity! All you need for these glitter heart art tags is some paper and a cup of colorful dry-erase paint!

1. For each heart, cut off a sheet of paper.

2. Tape one heart to each door in your house and glue it in place.

3. Cut out hearts in the colors of your choice.

4. Begin painting the edges of the heart with whichever color you want. Allow the paint to dry for a few minutes before gluing them to the doors. Allow another 2-3 minutes for the glue to dry.

5. You can select from a variety of forms, including hearts, stars, funny faces, eyeballs, and flowers.

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- Headphone Charms

Making a necklace out of your smartphone's headphones is a fantastic craft project for young children. Not only will it personalize your device, but you'll also have a terrific bonding experience. There are so many possibilities with these!

1. Once you've obtained your children's headphones, cut them into various shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares.

2. Cut the cable end at an angle, making sure the connector is smooth and crisp.

3. Cut the other end of the cord at an angle so that it does not overhang when you hang the headphones.

4. Create various designs with the colored headphones, such as hearts, circles, triangles, and so on.

5. At the lanyard end, thread the lanyard through the headphone cord.

6. Wrap the other end of the lanyard around your child's wrist or grasp his or her hand. Make sure there's enough space for the lanyard, so the earphones don't fall off.

7. Use clothes pegs to hang the headphones on a hook or a wall.

If your children prefer to create their own unique designs, you may also give them colored headphones. These designs will also match their laptop or iPad cases.

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- Bacon and Eggs 

1. You can devote your time to anything from breakfast to delectable bacon and eggs. Begin by separating the uncooked yolk from the white and combining the yolks. Put the ingredients in a tiny bag with a small aperture.

2. Next, cut four slices of bacon into quarters and leave them intact, so they don't break apart. Keep one piece for your child and one for the teacher. Use a meat grinder for big chunks of bacon and shred the rest into tiny pieces to make the bacon look as authentic as possible.

3. Roll out the dough and begin filling the holes with the egg. The colors will grow more brilliant as you squeeze the dough. Use lower quantities of egg, or a combination of the two.

4. Once the dough has reached the desired thickness, begin slicing the bacon into small pieces. Place them in the dough while they are still whole.

5. Place the bacon bits onto your egg forms and hold them in place until the dough hardens.

6. Poke holes in the tops of the eggs with a fork.

7. Carefully cut a hole on each side for the egg to pass through using a knife. To create the spring impression, slowly add water to the egg with an egg beater.

8. Spray the egg with water before placing it in the bag. Then check to see if the bacon is still firm.

9. Gently shake the bag before putting it in the fridge to soften the bacon and make the bag more malleable. You may now paint your stickers in whichever colors you like.

10. After the stickers have dried, split them open and stick them to a sign, a wall, or wherever you wish.

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-  Kids Bangle Bracelets

Instead of glitter and stickers, let your youngster make a beautiful bracelet out of genuine buttons. These bracelets would make an excellent gift for your little girl.

1. Measure the lengths of each button before beginning the project. Your small ladies' wrists should be roughly the same height as the buttons. It is not necessary to be extremely precise.

2. Cut one little piece of cloth from an old t-shirt, then measure and cut five equal lengths of ribbon.

3. Make a loop on one end of one of the material pieces. Make a small hole in the center of the circular using the other piece.

4. Begin twisting the material piece so that it can be strung up to the buttonhole and ribbon end.

5. Finish the button and bracelet by pulling the ribbon back over the loop. Repeat with each piece of material.

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- Poppy Crafts

One of my favorite flowers is the red poppy! They are not only a vital symbol of remembering, but they are also a lot of fun to build. I enjoy engaging in playful learning activities, and I believe that making is one of the simplest and most enjoyable methods to do so. That is why these poppy crafts are ideal. We have so many ideas for poppy crafts for kids of all ages. Some are great for developing young children's fine motor abilities, while others are fun creative projects for older children. We made certain to include people of all ages and experience levels.

As a parent or teacher, you'll like the fact that the majority of these crafts are produced with supplies you already have or can readily obtain at a craft store. You'll have a memorable day with everything from coffee filters and cupcake liners to craft sticks and pipe cleaners.

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Happy crafting!