It's frequently tough to put the kids to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. When raising children, getting a good night's sleep is crucial. So be sure to give them the most calming and enjoyable bedtime stories your mind can conjure up. Your child does not require anything extraordinary or extravagant. To calm your child's mind, all you need to do is maintain a good and calming routine every day.

You'll therefore have fewer alternatives than usual. It won't matter how creative your story idea is if you "tell" your youngster a tale involving vampires and capes because it won't be easy for him to sleep. So here are some bedtime stories for your kids that you can put together based on their bedtime habits. Or you can just use a basic, blanket story if your child's habits are not so distinct. You should however, stick to the things that you know are soothing and create new bedtime story ideas based on your children's habits and their personality.

1.  The Giving Tree

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Once there was a tree....

and she loved a little boy.

And every day the boy would come

and he would gather her leaves

and make them into crowns

and play king of the forest.

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2.  The Defective Clock

The Giving Tree | Make My Kid Star

One day, Peter's father gave him money to buy a clock from the market. So, he went to a showroom and bought a beautiful clock. When he got back home, it was 12 o'clock in the afternoon. So, one hand of the clock was over the other.

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3.  The Clown Statue

The Clown Statue | Make My Kid Star

A girl in her teens babysat for a wealthy family one night. The wealthy family had a very large house with many rooms. It was filled with lots of artifacts and old ornaments from all over the world. As the parents were leaving to go out, the father told the girl that once they put the kids down, she must go down to the basement, watch TV there, and not go wandering around the house.

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4.  Home of the Brave

Home Of The Brave | Make My Kid Star

A mom’s job is never truly finished—Elise knew this instinctively when her son was born. For at least the hundredth time, she sat next to his bed in that chair mending his quilt. There was no way of knowing, the day she bought it at a flea market, that it would become her son’s most valued possession. 

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5.  Singing a Song and Silly Socks

Silly Sock and Song | Make My Kid Star

Allow your child to assist you in acting out silly socks. Then have them assist you in singing a song.

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6.  Goodnight Little Sandman

Goodnight Little Sandman | Make My Kid Star

Some youngsters, believe it or not, fall asleep at night while I tell them a story. The Sandman visits children at night and sprinkles enchanted sand on their mattresses to build a sandcastle to carry them to sleep. But how much magic sand can one Sandman possess? (Did I am not thought this through thoroughly?)

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7.  The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling | Make My Kid Star

Remember when you were looking at the moon at night, and it appeared to have eyes? That's exactly what my kid remarked as she watched me read bedtime stories to her. Maybe my daughter was just thinking a lot at night.

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8.  There’s a New Superhero in Town : New Big Brother or Big Sister Book

Big Brother Superhero | Make My Kid Star

We recently released a brand spankin’ new personalized children’s book, called Every Hero Needs a Sidekick!  This big brother, big sister book follows the adventure of your little superhero as they find out they’re getting a sidekick: a new baby brother or sister.

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9.  Why I Always Say Yes to ‘One More Bedtime Story’

Bedtime story | Make My Kid Star

It had been another long day. I’m not certain what made that one particularly exhausting, but I’d bet it had something to do with getting my four-year-old and six-year-old to and from school, keeping the teething baby reasonably content, getting the house in order, running errands, paying bills, answering emails, and working toward a writing deadline.

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10.  The Princess And The Pea

The Princess and The Pea | Make My Kid Star

In a land far, far away there was a glorious kingdom. In the kingdom stood a great castle. And inside the castle lived a handsome Prince. The Prince was sad.

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11.  A Dog Dreams

A Dogs Dream | Make My Kid Star

Once upon a time there was a dog who would sleep for the whole day... as he was very lazy too… his name was bunny... as he was 2 years old... His master was very tired of him. He always dreamt that he would become a dog who just have to eat and sleep no work out of that... so one day he was just sleeping and dream that 

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